Part IV – Computer Telephony Integration

These complementary technologies afford callers the ability to get their information quicker and can preclude the frustrations of having to reenter information or repeat their request more than once during a call. As an example, when you call your bank and request information either by speaking to an agent or using a touch tone phone or speech to enter your information, your input can accompany the call if your call is transferred one or more times. In addition your call can be routed to an agent who is best suited to assist, i.e. knowledgeable of the information you need or perhaps is fluent in your language if not English, etc.

Another technology that has contributed to skilled base routing is the recent evolution of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP). This technology which is the same as utilized by some of the newer phone companies like Vonage or Comcast Cable, allows the lower cost use of data lines to digitize voice and transmit it over data lines versus the use of analog lines used by phone companies for over 100 years.

As a result, many companies have agents working from home and in some cases this lower cost telephony has led to the moving of customer service or support to offshore countries.

In my next  blog on contact center technology, I’ll discuss some of the other technologies used to improve customer service and agent productivity.

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