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As you may notice, I have an offer for a free report at the top of my blog. Why?
A little background. As I approach retirement in a few years if not sooner, I decided I would like to continue to work but on my own terms so that I could set my own hours and to travel or do things where I’m on my own schedule. I feel an internet business will provide me that opportunity. I was educated as an engineer, but have spent 40 years as a salesman. As a result I have a decent understanding of technology and setting up an internet business shouldn’t be all that intimidating. Although one of my son’s is employed as a web developer, I certainly don’t know HTML nor the “ins and outs” of developing a profitable web site. What I do know is that to be successful, I must develop as big a list of subscribers as possible and to do that, I must provide value and give more than I take.

Consequently, I began to look for and absorb as much as I could about setting up an internet business. I still haven’t determined what that business will be, although my passion as an amateur baseball historian and long time collector of baseball memorabilia, will weave its way into my business some way. The more I looked on line for an efficient way to learn how to set up an internet business, the more I came across folks selling quick “get rich” plans. I had no interest in such schemes One name emerged several times, John Thornhill . Googling John, I found only positive comments. He appeared to be the mentor to many successful people selling on the internet. In researching John, I found he was an ex factory worker from the UK, struggling to make ends meet, who began by selling information booklets on the internet. His business has evolved into many web sites with many offerings, all providing good value and offering a ton of free information. As a result, John has become wealthy.

I subsequently found out that starting 2 years ago, he began offering a detailed, comprehensive training program for folks aspiring to start their own internet business. The training program lasts 36 weeks and consists of weekly assignments with detailed videos that allow you to proceed at their own pace. John’s support is great. It starts with setting up your own domain through developing a subscriber list and developing your own niche and product offering. To illustrate how comprehensive the program is, what you see on my blog today, April 21st,2010, I developed from scratch and this is through only 7 weeks of the program. I’m running a little behind since I work full time and don’t have as much time to spend on the assignments as I would were I not working.

I should also mention, I have never spoken with John personally, although I would like to someday,so I have no vested interest in his business. So why am I promoting his class. I believe it may be the best practical training class on how to develop a profitable internet business. You should also know that I do get a referral fee should you subsequently sign up for John’s Masterclass program, but as you will see in the free report, he allows you to take the first few weeks of the course for $4.95.

Should you have any questions about my experience so far with the training, please contact me.

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  1. Hi Ron

    Good luck with the course and don’t worry about falling behind, it’s sometimes better to be just a few weeks behind and wait to hear how the other students have got on – so you can avoid some of the aches and pains that they will have 🙂



  2. Well, Hello Ron!

    Mister, I like you already! Your honesty and sincerity shines through and I am so proud to be in the same course as folks like yourself.

    This is a wonderful, new world we are entering and as pioneers, we need to stick together! Thankfully we have many tongues John out front.

    Good to run into you mister. I shore do like the way you display your integrity.

    Have a grand day Ron.


  3. Hi Ron, I’m a masterclass student of 2009 and i know that you’re going to love this course. The step by step videos make it so easy to follow that those techie bits we have avoided for years don’t seem to be so techie anymore.

    I strongly recommend that your readers grab your free eBook and take advantage of the $1.00 offer, it really is to good to pass up. What will $1.00 get you anywhere else?

    Ron, I wish you every success.

    Regards, Barry

  4. Hello Ron,
    I am changing my blog over to helping out MC students. I am a 2009 MC graduate and will have oodles of great information to take advantage of. You will learn from all of my mistakes and make this journey more lucrative and pleasurable! GUARANTEED!


    Sign up to my e-mail and rss feed and never miss a single bit of the excellent material I have to offer all of you.

    Here’s to your success,

  5. Hi Ron, I wish you all the best with your online endeavors. Having a son who is a web developer is a great help along with your good mind set and John Thorhill’s Masterclass program. Go at your own pace and complete the course. We are all here to help each other, you are not alone. Fellow Masterclass student- Terry Conti

  6. Useful information Ron, for anyone who wants to start internet marketing. I hope you develop a website for your baseball memorabilia, I’m just starting one for Marvel comics. It will be fun to make money out of a hobby. 😉 Best wishes for the course, and keep up the good work.


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